Mod-Picket Fence | 120ft Kit
Mod-Picket Temporary Event Fence Panel
Temporary Fencing For Tent Events
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Mod-Picket Fence | 120ft Kit
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Mod-Picket Fence | 120ft Kit

Mod-Picket Fence | 120ft Kit

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The Mod-Picket Fence 120ft Kit includes 20 Mod-Picket Event Fence Panels and 24 Mod-Fence Post Connectors.  It is available to purchase with a Mod-Fence Cart 120 which perfectly holds the entire kit, with some room for a few extra.

Mod-Picket Temporary Event Fence Kit - 120ft Long

The kit works for up to 120 linear feet of event fencing that can be rearranged and shifted into a various shapes and sizes. The pivoting posts allow for any angle and will work for nearly any application..

  • Glossy and clean aesthetic to match any occasion
  • Strong, durable and moveable
  • Easy hook-in installation without tools
  • Reusable and reconfigurable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Brand your fencing with printed vinyl fence wraps and decals

Mod-Fence Installation Timelapse Video


Product Type Temporary Vinyl Fence
Product Style Mod-Picket Fence Panels
(Panel) - UV Inhibited, Titanium Dioxide Additive, High Impact, Compounded PVC
(Post and Hardware) - Powder Coated Galvanized Steel
Number of Panels 20 Panels
Panel Dimensions 38" x 67.75" x 1.75" 
Weight per Panel 17 lbs
Number of Posts 24 Posts
Post Dimensions (Base) 11.75"x11.75" 
(Post) 3.5" x 3.5" x 42.75" 
Weight per Post 11 lbs


Why Mod-Fence


Light enough to be transported with ease, yet sturdy enough to handle larger crowds, Mod-Fence is manufactured with durability in mind and is a great solution for all your temporary and portable event fencing needs.

Clean Aesthetic

Our Mod-Fence panels are designed to offer pure functionality and convenience. The pristine white finish of the panels gives it a premium look and feel that's sure to add a touch of traditional American charm to any occasion.


• Fence panels will not rot, warp, rust, or corrode
• Panels interlock with a hook and loop connection
• Universal Pivot Posts allows for 90° degree turns
• Unlimited design and layout flexibility
• Easily cleaned with common household cleaners
• UV inhibitors increase longevity

Fast Installation

Our pre-assembled fence panels can be set up without any tools, allowing you to create secure enclosures and layout configurations – perfect for al fresco seating, outdoor events, trade shows, crowd control and festivals of all sizes.

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