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Mod-Kits are versatile and modular to transform your space! Please find different ways to configure your Mod-Kit! Create an aisle, section off an area for special seating or contain a crowd!

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Our Mod-Traditional, Mod-Picket and Mod-Sport panels are made from a very durable, high impact, compounded PVC material that prevents them from rot, rust, corrosion or warping.   Our Mod-Elite is manufactured using galvanized steel and powder coated for weather resistance.

Our Mod-Traditional,Mod-Picket, & Mod-Elite fence panels are available in 6ft wide panels, Mod-Sport panels come in 7ft lengths and Mod-Barriers are 8.5ft wide panels.

  • Yes, Mod-Picket and Mod-Traditional work off of the same posts so order either style, they both work with the universal post.
  • Mod-Elite is Metal and has a unique connection system that only works with Mod-Elite.
  • Mod-Sport also is unique unto itself, ModSport also only connects to other Mod-Sport panels and to no other panels in our brand.
  • Mod-Barrier also has a unique connection system and can only be used with other Mod-Barrier panels.
  • Mod-Traditional and Mod-Picket measure 6 feet from center of post to center of post.  Divide linear feet by 6 feet to get an accurate number of panels needed.
  • Mod-Elite is 6 foot in length, divide linear foot needed by 6 feet to account for the number of panels you will need.
  • Mod-Sport is true to 7 foot long.  Divide the linear foot needed by 7 feet to determine how many panels you will need.
  • Mod-Barrier is 8.5ft in length. Divide the linear feet needed by 8.5ft to determine how many panels you will need.
  • When you buy the assembled panels, you just need to rest them in the loops on the posts, no tools required.
  • When you order the flat pack, there is some assembly required.  All tools and instructions you need are in the flat pack box. Flat packs are only currently available in our Mod-Traditional, Mod-Picket and Mod-Post.

For the Mod-Traditional and Mod-Picket, they connect featuring a hook and loop system that do not require any tools for assembly.  Our Mod-Sport fence connects via our special TechnoTip™ joints that allow the base to fold flat, preventing potential injuries upon impact and allowing for easy transportation and storage.  Mod-Elite connects at the base with the modular foot. Mod-Barrier connects through a hook and loop system.

Our fence panels are constructed with high quality, durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain, providing year-round use.  We do recommend periodically reviewing the connection methods to ensure they are properly installed.

The Mod-Fence collections are very easy to clean and maintain.  They are made from a durable PVC or Steel (Mod-Elite).  Mild soap and water will take off most of the dirt or debris. If that won’t go away with soap and water, a magic eraser will take care of it.

Our Mod-Traditional, Mod-Picketare available in white,and Mod-Sport panels are available in whitewith white mesh and white with black mesh, while Mod-Elite is available in either white or black.  We offer customization or custom colors to truly transform your space. Contact us to learn more!

Yes!  We have a portable cart to transport our Mod-Traditional, Mod-Picket and Mod-Elite panels.

We list all of our pricing online per collection.  For large or bulk orders, Contact Us for a quote.

You can use them both outdoors or indoors! The materials are manufactured using high quality, durable materials, so the products can be used in both applications.

All of our fence brands will do well on undulating ground.

Yes!  We are able to customize you Mod-Fence with logos or signage!  Use to direct traffic, increase brand awareness, or make your unique truly your own!  Contact us to learn more!