Functional & Aesthetically Pleasing For Any Event
Event Fencing Meets Durability & Elegance

This advanced event fence style system is designed with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Mod-Elite is portable and lightweight enough to travel with you to any event while also remaining strong and robust enough to last for many years.

Available in two different mesh color options, our durable PVC portable and reusable sport fence panels allows your field the flexibility to host teams and leagues of all age ranges.

Mod-Sport Outfield Fence
Sport Fencing
Baseball Sport Fence
Outfield Sport Fence Panels
Mod-Sport Fence
Mod-Fence Sport Net Fence
High School Sport Fence
Outfield Fencing
Elite Fencing For Elite Events

Provide a freestanding fencing option that works perfectly to provide durable and effective crowd control without sacrificing on aesthetics. Easily connect Mod-Elite to fit your event style with flexible configurations.

Perfect For Any Size Event

  • Athletic Events
  • Ceremonies
  • Parades
  • Crowd Control

What Makes Mod-Elite Fence Unique?

Powder Coated Steel Material
Available in Black or White Finish
Lightweight & Portable
No Tools Needed


Mod-Elite Fence Panel:
100% Galvanized Steel
Powder Coated For Long Lasting Finish
Weather Resistant
Available in White & Black Color Options

Mod-Elite Foot:
100% Galvanized Steel
Powder Coated For Long Lasting Finish
Weather Resistant
Connects Multiple Mod-Elite Fence Pieces
2 End Fittings For Additional Staking Stability

Mod-Elite Fence Dimensions:
Mod-Elite Panel
With Feet: 6ft length, 48in height
Without Feet: 6ft length, 47.5in height
Panel Weight: 29lbs
Base Foot Weight: 12lbs

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Mod-Sport temporary fence panels are lightweight at only 17lbs. per panel, compared to wood and metal fencing which can weigh 2x - 3x more. Your back will thank us!


Built strong, white PVC fence panels create a clean aesthetic. Remove dirt or debris simply by hosing off the fence, or with a gentle scrub using a magic eraser.


Prefab sport field fence panels are reusableto accommodate any age group. Rapid install allows you to change layouts in a matter of minutes between games!

Choose Your Mod-Sport Outfield Fence

Available in two different mesh colors, our PVC portable fence panels are lightweight, portable, and collapse on impact during an on-field collision.

Lightweight and easy to move, Mod-Sport Fence is perfect for sporting and other outdoor events at high schools, universities, parks, community leagues, and sport-plexes of all sizes.

Mod-Elite 6ft Fence Panel | White
Mod-Elite 6ft Fence Panel | Black
Mod-Elite Foot Connector | White
Mod-Elite Foot Connector | Black
Mod-Elite Cart | Holds up to 50 panels
Add Event Turf!

ChoiceTurf™ Synthetic Turf is manufactured for optimal performance and offers a perfect balance between cost and quality.

Built “Turf TOUGH”, ChoiceTurf™ commercial grade synthetic event turf contains high-impact modifiers that can withstand the daily traffic and rigor of any event or occasion.

Customize Mod-Fence!

Add custom vinyl fence wraps, banners or decals to highlight your brand or sponsors.