Crowd Control Barrier


Crowd Control Barricades
The Versatile Barricade Solution for any Event

Need crowd control that’s built to last? Our 8.5ft heavy-duty steel barricades offer unyielding security and seamless setup. Made from galvanized steel, these barriers defy the elements and stand strong against large crowds. Interlocking design creates continuous lines for effortless configuration, while removable feet adapt to any terrain.

Some of the most common uses for steel bike racks include rallies, arenas, construction sites, airports, parades, festivals, marathons, concerts, stadiums and more.  They are also popular for use in crowd control situations, such as blocking off restricted areas or providing visual guidance for event attendees.

Secure and Easy Crowd Control

Ensure the safety and control of crowds at your next event with Mod-Fence's steel crowd barricades. These robust barriers, crafted from high-quality galvanized steel, offer exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Most Common Crowd Control Use:

  • Rallies, Arenas, Festivals & Stadiums
  • Routes for Parades & Marathons
  • Construction Project Areas
  • Bike Racks
  • Restrict Off Limit Areas

Why Choose Mod-Barrier

Crowd Control Barrier Solutions
Easy to Set Up
No Tools Needed
Stable on Uneven Ground


Mod-Barrier Panel:
8' 5" (8' 3" when interlocked) Wide Panel
43" Height
Galvanized Steel

Mod-Barrier Foot:
Two (2) bolt on bridge feet 1.5” O.D. galvanized steel,
1.25” O.D. galvanized stem.
Galvanized Steel

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Mod-Barriers are pre-assembled, in stock, and ready for immediate dispatch, ensuring you have the security you need for your next event, right when you need it.


Mod-Barriers are constructed from Galvanized Steel able to withstand crowds and weather elements. Choose Mod-Barrier for your durable solution.


Each Mod-Barrier features interlocking ends that connect seamlessly. This allows you to create straight runs, configure them into L-shapes, U-shapes, or even more complex layouts depending on your specific needs.

Add Event Turf!

ChoiceTurf™ Synthetic Turf is manufactured for optimal performance and offers a perfect balance between cost and quality.

Built “Turf TOUGH”, ChoiceTurf™ commercial grade synthetic event turf contains high-impact modifiers that can withstand the daily traffic and rigor of any event or occasion.

Customize Mod-Fence!

Add custom vinyl fence wraps, banners or decals to highlight your brand or sponsors.