Mod-Fence Systems and FloorEXP Offers a One-Stop Event Services Solution for Clients

Mod-Fence Systems is a prominent provider and supplier of portable and modular temporary event fencing, and FloorEXP is an experienced manufacturer and provider of custom designed turf, carpet, rugs, runners and vinyl flooring. As sister divisions, the two companies provide event planners, event coordinators, event rental companies, high end venues, resorts, stadiums, theme parks and more with a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of any event or occasion.

Mod-Fence Systems, a division of FloorEXP, offers a comprehensive range of premium, portable and modular temporary event fencing systems for a variety of events and locations. The Mod-Fence product line includes an elegant and charming Mod-Picket fence panel and a modern and stylish Mod-Traditional fence panel style. Both event vinyl fence systems are lightweight, easy to maintain, reusable, reconfigurable and add an extra touch of modern sophistication to any occasion. Mod-Fence also provides their freestanding and portable temporary fencing in kits, Mod-Kits.

Mod-Kits are designed to provide a huge return on investment for event rental companies, as they are durable enough to be used multiple times. Reconfigure portable fencing into a variety of layouts to meet the needs of any size event or client. The Mod-Kit 60 and Mod-Kit 120 includes 10 Event Fence Panels and 12 Post Connectors for 60ft of linear fencing, or 20 Event Fence Panels and 24 Post Connectors for 120ft of linear fencing.

Mod-Fence also offers custom printed vinyl fence wraps and decals to highlight brands and event sponsors.

FloorEXP is a reliable source for event carpet runners, rugs, synthetic turf and custom designed event flooring. FloorEXP specializes in authentic, durable turf, premium carpet runners and rugs, and flexible vinyl floor options suitable for any event. FloorEXP's experienced team can help event planners create printed, premium, and branded custom inlaid carpet, turf, or vinyl designs that will enhance the design and experience at any event.

From experiential activations to expos, custom carpeted events, logo rugs, runners, turf, vinyl or synthetic grass, and anything in between -- FloorEXP can boost a brand's presence at any event with a wide variety of event flooring solutions and designs.

Together, Mod-Fence Systems and FloorEXP provides event planners and clients with a comprehensive solution for all types of event requirements. From portable and modular PVC event fencing to custom turf, carpet, and vinyl flooring clients can create a unified event space design and layout.

With superior materials and craftsmanship, competitive rates, and experienced and knowledgeable staff, Mod-Fence Systems and FloorEXP make event design simple as a one-stop event source for clients.

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About Mod-Fence Systems -
Mod-Fence Systems, a Division of FloorEXP Inc. specializes in selling premium, portable and modular temporary event fencing for tent events, amusement parks, golf courses, state fairs and any location where an attractive, yet durable, space delineator is required. For more information about Mod-Fence Systems, please call 562-270-1677 or email

About FloorEXP -
FloorEXP is a provider and manufacturer of custom designed event flooring. The company has a range of flooring options, such as branded logo rugs, carpet runners, turf, and vinyl flooring. FloorEXP's products are suitable for a variety of occasions, from trade shows and conferences to weddings and corporate events. For more information about FloorEXP, visit or call 562-296-2076 and email

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