Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing: Which Is Right For My Event?

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Picket-style vinyl fences
add ambiance and charm to events, while Traditional-style vinyl fence panels offer an aesthetically pleasing look to events, while also maintaining crowd control. If your event calls for fencing, you may have to choose vinyl vs. wood fencing.

While you may be tempted to go with the lowest cost option, it’s best first to weigh the differences between wood and vinyl fences.

Vinyl Fences Weigh Less Than Wooden Fences

Event production teams must carry a lot of heavy materials and decor. Luckily, vinyl fences don’t weigh very much at all.

Weather, seating changes, guest lists and activations can change during event set-ups. Small or large changes often require the reconfiguration of spaces.

With heavy metal or wooden fences, change may be difficult and physically taxing (and in some cases, impossible). With vinyl fencing, virtually anyone can move it and can implement event changes quickly.

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Sometimes events require last-minute reconfiguration of spaces. VIP areas need to be moved, or the weather requires event teams to erect a tent where your fence currently sits. Vinyl fencing is a convenient option in these circumstances because absolutely anyone on your team can move it.

Wooden fences are heavier and only skilled installers should handle them to avoid damaging their delicate frame.

Choose Vinyl Fence Panels For Lower Maintenance

vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence

Vinyl fences are a great low-maintenance option. When they get dirty, you can simply give them a quick wipe-down or spray with a hose. With vinyl, you don’t have to worry about rust or decay. Wooden fences can chip or decay, making them unusable.

Wooden fences are porous, making them harder to clean because the surface allows dirt, grass stains, food and beverage spills to penetrate and stain. Often, pressure-washing is the only effective way to clean a wooden fence, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Vinyl Fences Are More Durable Than Wood

vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence

Wooden fencing often splinters, warps and decays when used long-term. Temporary wooden fences are often moved from place to place and left in direct sunlight and rain, leading to decay and splintering. The change in temperatures causes the wood to expand and contract, leading to warping.

In addition to structural damage caused by weather, wooden fences are susceptible to invasive insects like termites, which eat away at the wood over time. When structural damage occurs, you will need to replace the entire wooden fence.

Vinyl fences are much more durable than wood. They can withstand external forces and are less likely to break when moved. In most cases, vinyl fences can last up to 20 years. If a vinyl fence panel is damaged, simply replace the panel with a new one. If damage occurs to a vinyl fence panel, you can simply replace that panel with a new one, no need to replace the entire fence.

Vinyl fences are a much better investment long-term. While they may cost a bit more up front, they are easier to maintain, less susceptible to damage, and will last for decades.

Vinyl Fencing Looks Better Than Wood

Most people choose vinyl fences because they are more aesthetically pleasing than wooden fences. Vinyl fences won’t lose their shine, and because they are easier to clean and maintain, will not appear dingy or dirty.

Ever been to an event that was sectioned off with wooden fences that had seen better days? While this may not have ruined the event, it brings down the ambiance a bit.

Fencing is an easy way to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of an event. When combined with a beautiful, branded carpet or turf floor, your event goes from "nice" to "WOW!"

Visit our sister division, FloorEXP for all of your event flooring needs.

vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence

At Mod-Fence, we know that you want to make a great impression with the look of your event. Fencing shouldn’t be an afterthought.

vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence    vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence 

Mod-Fence: One-Stop Shop For Event Fencing

Let our team help you create clean, beautiful spaces at your next event. Mod-Fence vinyl fencing is the best option for outdoor events, fairs, festivals, trade show booths, line formations for crowd control, and VIP areas. Our vinyl fence panels and kits are lightweight, durable, and low maintenance. They will help your event shine!

We offer vinyl fencing in picket style or a more modern traditional style to suit your specific event need (or mix and match fence panel styles!).

vinyl vs wood fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, event fencing, pvc fence

Contact us today for a free quote, or to speak to one of our fencing experts.

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