Temporary Fencing Solutions That Actually Look Good

When it comes to temporary fencing, you have many options from which to choose. However, the type of fence you use can make an enormous impact on the vibe you are trying to achieve for your customers, event or even at your home.

Mod-Fence offers several types of free standing and portable temporary fences for outdoor events, businesses, enclosures for pets and more. Our fence panels and posts are a great alternative to traditional chain link and metal fencing because they can be easily installed and actually look great! Additionally, our temporary fences can be installed on any type of ground including pavement, soil, sand and grass.

Temporary fencing can enhance the look and feel of a space

Finding The Right Temporary Fence Enclosure

The type of temporary fencing you choose for your event will primarily depend on the look you are trying to achieve. Metal fencing such as chain link and bike-rack style is great for construction sites but doesn't add much to the area's look and feel. Additionally, metal fencing requires sandbags and tools and can suffer from corrosion.

At ModFence we offer several types of modular fence panels that hold up in any weather, are easy to connect and do not require sandbags or tools to assemble.

Mod-Traditional Fence

Our traditional fence (Mod-Traditional Fence) is designed to offer pure functionality and convenience. The pristine white finish of the panels gives it a premium look and feel that’s sure to add a touch of traditional American charm to any occasion. These temporary fences are easy to connect, lightweight and durable. Restaurants, businesses and special events companies love this option.

Traditional white temporary fencing solution

Mod-Picket Fence

Add a touch of traditional sophistication to your next event with the Mod-Picket Fence.

These fence panels can create temporary enclosures and barricades while adding a touch of elegance. Like our ModTraditional Fence, ModPicket fences are pre-assembled and can be set up within minutes, without tools. Designed for outdoor use, they are incredibly durable, making them great for crowd control for all types of events, festivals and concerts.

Mod-Sport Outfield Fencing

Our Mod-Sport Fencing is the perfect solution for golf outings, baseball games and soccer tournaments. This temporary fencing solution is made of our patented mesh material that is designed for maximum durability to withstand outdoor elements (and people). The top bar features a bright yellow hue that adds additional visibility. 

Baseball Sport Fence

What is Temporary Fencing Used For

Temporary fencing can be used in all sorts of applications. At ModFence, we service many customers in the special events industry that require portable crowd control barriers for security purposes and to separate off different areas. Our Mod-Sport fencing is popular among athletic associations, golf courses and universities. We even have homeowners who purchase our ModKits for their pets and small events.

Concerts, Festivals and Other Outdoor Events

You will notice that most concerts and music festivals have temporary fences that are used to section-off various areas. Our Mod-Traditional fence can be used for security lines and VIP access areas. Our Mod-Picket fence adds a bit of style to eating and drinking areas.

Need to showcase your sponsors? No problem! With our custom printed vinyl wraps and decals you can showcase logos easily by wrapping a sign around the panel.

Athletic and Sporting Events

Temporary fencing is often used in creating an outfield during a baseball game, to section-off larger fields to make several playing areas, and to keep fans off the field. Athletic associations, universities and even coaches love our Mod-Sport temporary fences because they are lightweight and easy to move.

Temporary Fencing Ideas For Pets

Most homeowners would love to have a fenced area for their pets. Unfortunately, installing a permanent fencing solution can cost thousands of dollars. We love ya, Fido, but that's a bit much. Our temporary fences can create a secure pop-up area for your pets for an affordable price.

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Looking for more ways to enhance your special events? Check out our sister company FloorEXP for all of your turf, vinyl and flooring needs.

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