Mod-Picket Fence: The Event Fence of Choice for Weddings, Festivals, and Corporate Events

Are you in need of an event fence that is fully functional for your event design needs and also looks great? Well then, Mod-Fence has got you covered!

Our temporary event fencing will give your special events a tasteful touch of class and ease. Whether it's a wedding, a concert, or even a festival - our Mod-Picket Fence Panels are the ideal choice to ensure the safety of guests in a style-ready set up.   

Benefits of Mod-Picket Portable Event Fencing:

Beautiful and Stylish --

Our exquisite white vinyl fencing, accented with a classic white picket design, will be certain to give your gathering that extra bit of elegance and charm!

Durable and Long-Lasting --

Our portable event fencing is manufactured with top-quality materials, to ensure they can handle the daily rigor and stress of all types of events. Plus, they are super easy to set up, take down, transport and store; so you can have a top-notch reusable event fence without breaking the bank on labor costs.

Safe and Secure --

Our lightweight, yet sturdy vinyl fencing is perfect for creating crowd control barriers, lines and boundaries. 

Mod-Picket Temporary Fencing - The Stylish Solution For Any Event:

Weddings --

Our modular picket event fence can help you create a truly beautiful scene for your special day. Wow your guests with our stunning pristine white PVC fencing at both your ceremony and reception - they instantly bring a touch of traditional charm and sophistication. Celebrate in style!

Festivals --

At festivals, our portable fencing is perfect for setting up ticket counter lines, event perimeters concession stations.

Corporate Events --

Make your next corporate event stand out, Mod-Picket Fencing provides a chic, professional and polished look. Add vinyl fence wraps, decals or banners to highlight your company, brand or even event sponsors. 


Are you in the market for an reusable modular vinyl event fence? Look no further! Our premium event fence panels are available in 6ft, 3ft and with a Gate option. Contact Us today to learn more and receive a free quote.

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