Temporary Fencing With Hundreds of Uses

Mix and Move Modular Event Fencing

Lightweight and portable event fencing can be used over and over again in an unlimited number of configurations and setups. Our premium event fencing kits have huge paybacks!

Product Features -- Two Event Fence Panel Designs Available

Available in 2 styles, our 6ft wide PVC Fence Panels are sleek, chic and offer a clean aesthetic to any event. Pivotable Fence Post connects with both ModTraditional and ModPicket Fence Systems.

Our multi-function Pivot Posts offer unparalleled event fence set-ups and design flexibility. Both fence panel styles use our proprietary Post Connector, featuring a hook and loop system allowing you to quickly pivot Posts as design needs change. Once hooked, fence panels can pivot 180° for unlimited configurations and setups.

Design with all one style, or mix and match fence panel options!

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  • Amy Saunders

    Yay! When you talked about how reusable and moveable temporary fences are, it blew my mind away. There’s a food festival this weekend near my house and the organizer wishes to establish a clear boundary to keep the event manageable. Obviously, this is something they should consider before making any further installation. https://www.aandrrent-a-fence.com/services

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